Quality and Risk Management Program

Beaufort-Delta Health and Social Services Authority (accredited by Accreditation Canada) develops, implements, maintains and evaluates a Quality and Risk Management Program. The program is designed to continuously improve outcomes for staff and clients and is guided by the goals of the six patient safety areas as defined by Accreditation Canada:

Safety Culture | Create a culture of safety within the organization.

Communication | Improve the effectiveness and coordination of communication among care and service providers and with the recipients of care and service across the continuum of care/service.

Medication Use | Ensure the safe use of high-risk medicines.

Worklife/Workforce | Create a worklife and physical environment that supports the safe delivery of care and service.

Infection Control | Reduce the risk of health-care associated infections and their impact across the continuum of care/service.

Risk Assessment | Identify safety risks inherent in the client population.

To this end, the BDHSSA publishes the results of its Accreditation Canada Audits and regularly reports on Infection Prevention and Control.